Stop Underarm Sweating With miraDry

For many people, excessive underarm sweat (often called hyperhidrosis) is not just an annoyance – it adversely affects their quality of life. Whether in that important business meeting or out on a date, the fear, anxiety, and embarrassment of underarm sweat and odor is always there. But now there’s miraDry…

miraDry is the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure that safely and permanently stops underarm sweat and odor by eliminating the underarm sweat and odor glands. We are proud to offer this truly life-changing sweat reduction treatment to our patients and we are honored to be the only authorized miraDry provider in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County.

miraDry is safe and effective for both men and women (18+) of all ethnicities, skin types, and levels of sweating.

miraDry is right for you if you:

Are bothered by underarm sweat/odor

Seek a permanent solution to underarm sweat

Want to avoid surgery and downtime

Wish to live a clean, sweat-free life


miraDry Heats the Underarm Glands to Reduce sweating by as much as 82%

miraDry heats the sweat & odor glands to the point that they no longer produce sweat or odor. But don’t worry: The sweat glands in your armpits account for only about two percent (2%) of the sweat glands in your body. So you will still continue to sweat normally everywhere else. But the precisely-controlled heat eliminates the sweat glands in your armpits for good. No more underarm sweat glands = no more underarm sweat!



We are the only authorized & certified miraDry provider in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County.

As such, the board certified dermatologists and medical providers of Franklin Dermatology Group have been properly trained and know how to provide superior outcomes.


We are proud to offer this life-changing treatment to our patients.With a 90+% patient satisfaction rating, miraDry is a patient favorite — and for good reason. miraDry is a life-changing procedure — our patients’ words, not ours. Read a detailed testimonial from one of our patients.

I Got miraDry to Treat My Excessive Underarm Sweat. Here’s What Happened.

miraDry Patient Review

Now that I’ve had miraDry and I’m living sweat-free, I can’t believe it was this easy. I really wish this was an option 15 years ago…All those events where I was self-conscious…All the times where I felt embarrassed…

Read full miraDry Review on the Franklin Dermatology Group website >


90+% of Patients Say miraDry is “Worth It.”


Eliminates Sweat and Odor Forever.


One Hour. No Surgery. No Downtime.


Good For Anyone – Men &Women 18+.

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Franklin Dermatology Group is the only authorized & certified miraDry provider in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County. We would welcome you to our practice

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